Project Management

Plan. Design. Implement. Succeed.

timecostperformance1CCS measures all projects in terms of time, cost, and performance.  What stands out most in our day to day is that proficiency, strong management project management skills and team collaboration has the most positive impact on a project – no matter the project type or size. And here at CCS, we know that the key to successful project management is clarifying both the priorities and constraints of the project with our clients.

So, how do we do it? We start by asking questions. We get to the heart of the project, and ensure that we understand every component and objective to meet our clients’ needs.

CCS Management Principles

  • Set a clear project goal and objectives
  • Establish milestones, relationships, and time estimates
  • Depict the project schedule
  • Direct the team and individuals
  • Reinforce commitment and excellence in team
  • Maintain connectivity within the project
  • Formulate agreements that vitalize team members
  • Empower all members of the project team
  • Encourage risk taking and creativity, but manage closely


Project Planning

What’s a project without a plan?  A lack of proper and thorough planning will rapidly become obvious as the project progresses into subsequent phases and budgets are exceeded.

Plan. Design. Implement.

At CCS, we work with you from start to finish to ensure proper planning for your project. We help you to:

  • Create a comprehensive project management plan, which includes:
    • Project summary
    • Project requirements
    • Milestones
    • Work breakdown structure
    • Network diagrams
    • Budgets
    • Team/management structure
    • Logistical support
    • Acceptance Plan
    • Standards for property control & security
    • Project reviews and status reports

“Construction CAD Solutions has worked as a partner with us for over ten years. We are always confident that CCS will provide superior engineering services whenever they support are dark fiber or coax builds. “They have a great team and always provide excellent project management.”
– Tom Jebens, Director of Engineering and Construction

We provide solutions that work for your business.