CCS in the Community – True Strength

We’ve told you how to be strong like Paola– but where does that strength come from? Would you be surprised to know just how much of her strength comes from those around her? Maybeitclogo not, but anyone will tell you that true strength comes from within. It’s less about mus­­­­cle and more about heart, determination and passion. This can be true of a person or team…or even company.

erickTrue strength is an underlying theme at CCS. It’s not something that is mentioned in a brochure or press release, but more a part of who we are as human beings and members of a local and global community. Take, for example, Erick Perez.

Erick is a Project Coordinator at CCS. He’s been with the company for two years. In those two years Erick has not only proven himself to be a capable and crucial member of our team, but he’s also managed to position himself as the chair of Philanthropy at CCS. Erick took the lead on the philanthropic initiatives at CCS because giving back has become a part of who he is.
Ever since he was a young child, serving as altar boy in his church, Erick has felt the strong need and passion to serve his community – remember that true strength thing we mentioned above? In college, he was part of a philanthropy-focused fraternity. Having a brother with cerebral palsy and a father who passed away from kidney cancer, Perez is also very passionate about raising money and awareness for important causes around these illnesses and others.

Knowing this, CCS was eager to support Erick’s ideas and encouraged him to organize the CCS Philanthropy Committee. From handling logistics to reaching out to each and every member of the company Erick has taken the responsibility to kick off several community and giving initiatives this year, including:

  • Jude’s Research fundraiser
  • Feed My Starving Children (November 2016)
  • 16 Fun Run Sponsorships/Fundraisers

Erick has grown the company’s philanthropy and fundraising committee to over a half dozen and is working on a fundraising campaign to end all fundraising campaigns in 2017.

True Strength – That’s Erick Perez!