A Look Back on 2015

We’ve come a long way, baby – but hang on – it ain’t over yet!


“Our growth, year-over-year, has been strong for many years, but 2015 exceeded even our own goals.” – Pervis Conway, President and CEO of Construction-CAD Solutions

Construction-CAD Solutions (CCS) has had what can only be described as a banner year. We attended and exhibited at more events, met more people, hired new people, signed more clients and even expanded our service territory; all while providing increasing levels of service and support. So now what? Slow down? Take a break? Smell the roses? No way!

We’ve recapped some highlights and provided some insights on our expansion strategy below.

canada-159585_1280 (2)

Oh Canada!

We announced formal certification and authorization to provide network solutions in Canada.

“In addition to our latest national and international expansion, we have laid the groundwork for additional operations. We want to take the recipe built in Chicago to other markets,” explains Conway.  He observes that these are markets with lots of opportunities and some barriers, including language and culture, but CCS is ready and willing to take it all on. Additional market expansion announcements are expected in 2016.

In the News!


“On top of outperforming ourselves here in the States, the amount of international interest we’ve received has been nothing short of astounding. We’re authorized to provide services in Canada now and have already begun work with Swisslog’s Canadian operations; providing our Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for their HCS unit.” – Pervis Conway

In a recent Next-Gen Communications article (Laying the Groundwork for Fast Fiber Network Deployments), Conway pointed to CCS’ almost two decades of experience that started when fiber deployment was in its infancy. “Initially we did coax for cable companies then Hybrid Fiber Coax, which has morphed into building out tons of fiber.” He added that, “A lot of major MSOs have extended fiber and shrunk coax, and the new guys are building out fiber.”

Conway notes that CCS developed an extensive set of unique skills that are in high demand right now. He commented that they began collecting field data, and were doing GIS and land surveys, “at a time when cable did not need it.” He added that CCS is now using these skills to “speed our clients’ deployment to market,” and when it comes to deployments, there are constant project management deadlines. Service providers have a sense of urgency to get fiber deployed, leased, collocated and activated.

TelecomExchange_logo_004In a Telecom Ramblings – Industry Spotlight feature, Conway talked about his humble beginnings, but in true form, quickly moved on to discussing some meaty industry topics. Here’s an excerpt.

TR: How do you see network operators approaching the small cell and wireless backhaul market today?

One of the things we do is sit down with those fiber providers and see where their routes are, where their redundancy is, and where the cell towers or small cell nodes are being placed,” stated Conway.  “Verizon is leading the charge on small cell here, but what I’m seeing is a lot of fiber companies jumping in line to not only provide fiber to cell companies for backhaul but also to use the opportunity to improve their own fiber footprint.  I’m seeing that all over the place, not just in Chicago.  If they are building out a fiber network for one of the major cell phone providers, and they have to extend their fiber five miles outside of their footprint, they are going to take advantage of that footprint and overbuild and extend their other services further.”

2016, here we come!

For a look at where you can meet CCS in 2016, please visit http://concadinc.com/upcoming-events/ and be sure to follow on Twitter @ConcadInc.